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Tuna Time on the Klondike IX

The dates are: NOT DECIDED YET!

Our tuna trips onboard the Klondike IX will be targeting Yellow fin tuna and Long fin Albacore tuna.  There are many other species of fish and sharks that we have caught in the canyons off of New York and New Jersey including Big Eye tuna, Blue fin tuna, Allison tuna (Yellow fin over 150 lbs), Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, Tilefish, Mako sharks and Blue sharks. We will have an extended tuna trip on October 26th and 27th.

The Boat

The Klondike IX is a 110’ fishing yacht.  It is the 4th boat built by Captain Pete Pearson who has designed this hull and superstructure.  He built his first boat with Lydia yachts of Stewart Florida back in the 1970’s, with the Klondike VI.   He then built the Klondike VII, Klondike VIII, and now the Klondike IX.  All of these boats are still in service as party boats today.

The Klondike IX was built extra heavy and is a very stable fishing platform.  The boat is powered by 3 turbo diesel 240kw generators.  There are 34 bunks in the sleeping quarters which are climate controlled.  There is a full galley onboard complete with oven, microwave, coffee machine and ice machine.  All meals for these trips are prepared here.

The Crew

The Crew of the Klondike IX is polite, helpful, knowledgeable, and most have been with us for many years.  There are usually 6 crew members and 2 Captains on these trips.  It is very important that all passengers follow the instructions given by the crew.  They are there to help you and allow you to get as many fish on the boat as possible.

The Fishing

Upon arriving on the fishing grounds, the Captain will decide how to begin the day.  We may start chunking which consists of either, anchoring up, chumming and fishing with bait, or, drifting depending on the conditions.  We may also troll.  We are capable of trolling up to 20 lines at a time again, depending on conditions.  We have a wide array of lines, and the bait we use is of “food quality”, meaning it is hand picked from the Fulton Fish Market before every trip.  The bait will consist of butterfish, mackerel, anchovies and squid.

The trip

These trips are going to be approximately 30 hours long.  We are scheduled to leave at 6pm on Sunday nights and returning on Monday night between 9pm and midnight.

The weather

The Captain will make the final decision on trip cancellations due to weather conditions such as high winds.  The Klondike IX will not sail if wind forecasts are 25 knots or higher.  The boat will also not sail if the seas are 7 feet or more.  Conditions such as these make fishing conditions difficult, unsafe and uncomfortable.  These offshore fishing grounds are over 100 miles away and the weather can be difficult between land and these points.  In the event we are already fishing and the weather conditions change to unfavorable, the Captain will decide if it is safe to remain at sea or return to shore.  Our passenger’s safety is of the utmost priority.  We hope in situations such as these you will respect the Captains decision.  The Captains word is final.  If the trip is cancelled in the event of inclement weather on Monday night, and the forecast is improved the next morning, we will leave the next day as we still have plenty of fishing time.  The fare for the trip will be adjusted accordingly.

The fish

The fish you catch on the Klondike IX are yours to keep and you may do what ever you wish with them.  When you catch a fish, it will be tagged with your number on its tail.  It will be gutted and placed on ice in our fish boxes.  We have 600 pounds of storage capacity and there is plenty of room for everyone’s catch.  The crew provides a fish cleaning service at the end of the trip.  You may have your fish loined out into 4 pieces or you may take it as is.  Please do not bring any coolers for fish on board.  You can leave them in your car.  Your fish will be kept on ice even after they are cleaned and we will provide ice for you upon our return.


The tackle for tuna fishing is provided free of charge.  We provide 2 speed reels loaded with 80 to 100 pound line.  We choose to use Shimano Beast masters, Penn Internationals along with stand up matching rods for this type of big game fishing.  All hooks, leader, weights and swivels are provided.  We also supply diamond jigs, however, if you lose one of the jigs it is a $10 charge.

Suggested tackle

It is a good idea to bring a medium spinning outfit with at least 20 to 25 pound test line, squid jigs, sabiki rigs, 3/0 to 5/0 hooks and 40 to 50 leader material.  The tackle we suggest may be used for small baitfish and squid that appear under the boat in the lights at night.  It is also a good idea to bring a 3/0 to 4/0 size reel on a stiff 6 to 8 foot rod for jigging tuna.  These set ups are much lighter and easier to jig with than the ones we provide.  You may also use these set ups for Tile fishing so we suggest you spool these set ups with at least 300 yards of 50 to 65 pounds of braided line on top of a half spool of monofilament.  Tilefish are bottom fish and live in depths from 400 to 1000 feet.  You will also need 20-24 ounce sinkers for Tilefish.  These weights are not provided.  6/0 Bait saver hooks also work well along with 40 to 60 pound leader material.


Reservations are required and you must call Captain Pete at 914-804-8738 to make your reservations.  A $200 deposit is required upon making your reservation.  Your deposit will determine your fishing spot. First come, first serve.  The remainder of the balance of $170 is due on the day of the trip date.  A roll call will be held at 5:30 pm the night of departure.  You will be allowed to board to pick your fishing spot, bunk or place to sleep in the order in which you paid.  If you arrive late you will lose your place in line and the choice of fishing spots and bunks.


There will be no hard liquor allowed on board the Klondike IX.  You may bring a few beers or bottle of wine for dinner.  Excessive drinking of alcohol on these trips will not be tolerated.  These are serious fishing trips and we do not advise drinking on the way out to the fishing grounds.  We want everyone to be alert and prepared. When we start to hook up fish, everyone needs to work as a team along with the crew.  This way we can keep tangles at a minimum.


If an entire trip is cancelled by the Captain due to poor weather conditions, you will be allowed to reserve a spot on a future trip or you may choose a full refund.  If you choose to cancel your reservation there will be no refund unless you are able to have someone make a reservation in your place.  If you can not make another reservation for this year, you may make a reservation for next year’s trip.

Fuel Cost

Due to the constant fluctuation of fuel prices, there may be an additional fuel surcharge at the time of the trip.  We do not anticipate this to be more than $20.  We apologize for this inconvenience.


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  914-804-8738



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