Moonlight Sails

The Klondike IX is ideal for many different types of entertainment or parties. A few examples held aboard the Klondike are Corporate functions, dinner parties, weddings, sweet sixteen celebrations, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, fundraisers and a “must not miss” 4th of July Macy’s fireworks celebration.

The Klondike IX was intentionally built as a dual-purpose yacht and is kept pristine for hosting different types of events. These evening sails range 4-5 hours depending on what the customer prefers. During that time, the guests will experience a beautiful cruise down the East River, witnessing the scenic route, which includes the historic bridges, the Statue of Liberty, and if time allows, even the Intrepid. This view can be seen from the seating around the boat as well as from the top deck or dance floor. The top deck can be completely enclosed in clear curtains in unfavorable weather conditions.

Moonlight Sail Package Includes:

  • 5 person crew (4 on deck plus 1 for serving beverages). The crew will assist in boarding and un-boarding passengers, loading and unloading supplies, and meeting any customer needs. They will also monitor the crowd to ensure for safety and appropriate behavior.
  • Chafing dishes are provided for food and will be set up for a smooth and organized dining experience.
  • Coolers and ice will be provided, as well as buckets and taps for kegs.
  • Complimentary coffee and tea are provided for the return trip, and if you wish to bring dessert, this is the time it will be served.

The Klondike does not provide:






            *Ovens for warming

However, the Crew will happily work with the caterer to arrange the food in the provided chafing trays.

There is a house DJ who can be recommended upon request, and there is a private room for DJ accommodation.

Moonlight Sail Rates & Schedule:

*Sundays-Thursdays:         $3200 for 100 passengers or less and $32 per person for each additional person over 100 for up to 135 max guests.

*Fridays-Saturdays:            $4000 for 125 passengers or less and $32 for each additional person up to 135 max guests.

Moonlight Sails book early; please call ahead to ensure availability!

Port of Embarkation:

Ample parking is available in an adjoining safe and paved parking lot. If pick up is required at a location other than the Klondike IX port, there will be an extra charge.

For NYC pick-up: $350.00 additional cost

For Port Washington pick up: $250.00 additional cost

Requests for pick-ups at any other ports are subject to applicable charges and will be discussed when setting up the trip.