Welcome to the Klondike IX – Fishing and Cruising At Its Best! 


Klondike IX Mission

The Klondike IX and its crew strive to deliver a quality fishing or moonlight sailing experience. Our family has been in business for over 95 years, with a seasoned Captain and friendly crew. Cruising for 3 generations, the Klondike family takes pride to ensure that all customers will have an enjoyable time on the water. Our main goal is to provide customer satisfaction, while also being responsible to our environment. To accomplish this, Captain Pete re-powered the Klondike IX and added a unique tab to the hull to allow for reduction in carbon footprint and fuel consumption.


Klondike Features

  • 110 foot vessel
  • Klondike IX has 2 -40,000 watt generators for electricity
  • Fully heated and Air-Conditioned, making it a suitable venue for parties and for protection from the sun during long, hot days of fishing.
  • Cruising speed of 20 knots
  • Accommodates over 120 people for fishing providing open top deck with seating and booths for dining
  • S. Coast Guard approved for up to 135 people
  • Full Coast Guard inspections yearly to meet safety requirements and regulations